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Media reports- English- December 2010

  ‘UN Panel could only visit LLRC’, Dharma Sri Abeyratne, Daily News, 31 December 2010

 ‘LLRC: Can reconciliation be achieved through a veil of secrecy?’, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon, Sri Lanka Guardian, 30 December 2010

‘Journalists prevented from entering into Boosa camp’, Sunday Leader, 30 December 2010

‘LLRC visits Boosa’, Rifthi Ali, Daily Mirror, 30 December 2010

‘Solheim responds to allegations targeting Norway at LLRC : In SL lies are used for political gains or to taint someone’s reputation’, The Island, 30 Dec 2010

‘LLRC to invite Ranil’, The Sunday Leader, 27 December 2010

‘There are Tigers in the LLRC also – Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera’, Lanka Journal, 26 December 2010

‘LLRC invites Ranil to explain CFA’, OnLanka News, 26 December 2010

 ‘LLRC rules out meeting UN panel abroad’, The Nation, 26 December 2010

‘UN and LLRC: What’s the deal’, Lakbima News, 26 December 2010  

‘IAC, LLRC meets’, Daily News, 24 December 2010

‘Sri Lankan Government to keep family members informed of detainees’ whereabouts’, Colombo Page, 24 December 2010

‘Meeting between the Inter Agency Advisory Committee (IAC) and the Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission’, The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka, 23 December 2010

‘IAC to further investigate LLRC submissions’, Sunday Observer, 23 December 2010

‘LLRC to adhere to warrant’, Daily News, 23 December 2010

‘UN Panel: LLRC to follow normal procedure’, Sunday Observer, 22 December 2010

‘LLRC undecided on experts panel’, Lakna Paranamanna, Daily Mirror, 21 December 2010

‘UN Panel visit to SL unsure’, Daily Mirror, 21 December 2010

‘Government’s invitation to UN may reflect a lesson learnt’, Jehan Perera, Sri lanka Guardian, 21 December 2010

‘A Trojan Horse’, Lanka Newspapers, 20 December 2010

‘Sri Lanka allows UN War Crime visit’, Al Jazeera, 20 December 2010

‘The LLRC: A Sri Lankan solution to a Sri Lankan problem’, Unite Sri Lanka, 20 December 2010

‘Karuna guilty of perjury –profusely lied to the LLRC –He is absolutely responsible for the mass murder of 600 policemen’, Lanka-e-News, 20 December 2010   

‘Karuna At The LLRC’,, Sunday Leader, 19 December 2010

‘Public sittings of LLRC ends January 2011’, Sunday Observer, 18 December 2010

‘Sri Lankan Government willing to consider if request made by UN panel to meet with LLRC’, Colombo Page, 18 December 2010

‘Sinhalese discriminated against in the North and East – Venerable Medhananda Thera to LLRC’, Olindhi Jayasundere, Daily Mirror, 17 December 2010

‘Lessons never learnt by politicians’, Palitha Senanayaka, Daily News, 17 December 2010

‘Reduce emergency regulations: US’, Dianne Silva, Daily Mirror, 16 December 2010

‘No harm in Sinhalese settling  in N & E – Muralitharan’, Harischandra Gunaratna, The Island, 16 December 2010

‘Killing of Rajiv a big blunder – Karuna’, Olindhi Jayasundere, Daily Mirror, 14 December 2010

‘Rajiv killing a mistake – KA’, Daily Mirror, 14 December 2010

‘Killing Rajiv was a mistake: former Tamil Tiger’, Press Trust of India, IBN Live, 14 December 2010

‘Sri Lanka’s ex-terror group leader turned minister – Karuna Amman, says Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination was a big mistake by LTTE’, Santhush Fernando, Asian Tribune, 14 December 2010

‘Minister Muralitharan tells LLRC: Tamil Diaspora ignorant of country’s present situation’, Dinesh De Alwis, Daily News, 14 December 2010

‘Norwegian funds used for LTTE arms, Provincial Councils do not need police powers – Sri Lanka Resettlement Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorty Muralitharan’, Lankanewspapers, 14 December 2010

‘Sri Lankan former rebel commander recalls international support’, Xinhua, People’s Online Daily, 14 December 2010

‘Sri Lankan minister admits Tamil Tiger killings’, Charles Haviland, BBC News, 13 December 2010

‘Norwegian funds used for LTTE arms, Provincial Councils do not need police powers – Karuna’, Harischandra Gunaratna, The Island, 13 December 2010

‘Karuna before LLRC’, Harischandra Gunaratna, The Island, December 13, 2010

‘International rights groups invited before LLRC’, Satarupa Bhattacharjya, The Sunday Times, 12 December 2010

‘LLRC receives 485 complaints’, Rifthi Ali, Daily Mirror, 11 December 2010

‘Karu J challenged to appear before LLRC’, Parliamentary Corrs, Daily News, 8 December 2010

‘LLRC Session in Kuchchaweli: 146 complaints’, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon, Sri Lanka Guardian, 6 December 2010

‘Many in Trinco have faith in LLRC: CHR’, Yohan Perera, Daily Mirror, 6 December 2010

‘Focus on land disputes at LLRC Muttur hearing’, Sri Lanka Mirror, 5 December 2010

‘Karuna group behind more abductions, cash demands for release’ , Rathindra Kuruwita in Trincomalee , Lakbima News, 5 December 201o  

‘LLRC Session in Trincomalee Karachchi: 136 complaints’, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon, Sri Lanka Guardian, 5 December 2010, 

‘LLRC receives 136 complaints in Trinco’, The Nation, 5 December 2010 

‘LLRC: 2nd day in Trincomalee District, Muttur people criticize UN and INGOs, The Island, 5 December 2010

‘LLRC learns of disappearances in East’, BBC, 5 December 2010

‘Dr. Noel Nadesan tells the LLRC: Divisive politics not communal bitternes, cause of conflict’,  Shanika Sriyananda, Sunday Observer, 5 December 2010

‘Disappointment at LLRC at Trinco’, BBC, 4 December 2010

‘Government allocates Rs. 18 million to LLRC’, Kelum Bandara & Yohan Perera, Daily Mirror, 4 December 2010

‘Policy on SL clear – US’, Daily Mirror, 3 December 2010

‘LLRC and the relevance of an atlas on ‘spatial justice’, C. Wijeyawickrema, LankaWeb, 2 December 2010

‘Doctors Put Life During Conflict Under Microscope’, Amantha Perera, IPS News, 1 December 2010

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