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Media reports – English – November 2011

LLRC report almost finalized, Rasika Somaratna, Daily News, 1st November 2011

Lankan panel ready with report on war against LTTE, Rediff News, 1st November 2011

Sri Lanka war commission report will be made public – Minister, Colombo Page, 1st November 2011

SL to make post-war report public – foreign minister,  Bryson Hull, Money Control, 1st November 2011

LLRC report to be made public, The Sunday Leader, 1st November 2011

Outcome of LLRC to be made public,, 2nd November 2011

Sri Lanka to release controversial war report, AFP, 2nd November 2011

High expectation for LLRC report – US, Daily Mirror, 4th November 2011

US has high expectations for Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation Commission report, Colombo Page, 4th November 2011

Parliament to receive LLRC report from MR, Shamindra Ferdinando, The Island, 4th November 2011

US sets high barrier for Sri Lanka in reconciliation report, Daya Gamage, Asian Tribune, 6th November 2011

Is LLRC valid after Nov. 15?, Arthur Wamanan, The Nation, 6th November 2011

LLRC report out this week, Raisa Wickrematunge, The Sunday Leader, 6th November 2011

Sri Lanka war commission’s report will be ready tomorrow, Colombo Page, 6th November 2011

The final report of the LLRC is ready for submission, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, 8th November 2011

LLRC final report by November 10, Ada Derana, 8th November 2011

LLRC report completed, Daily Mirror, 8th November 2011

Sri Lanka’s LLRC Commission Report finalized. To be handed over to President this week, A. A. M. Nizam, Asian Tribune, 9th November 2011

LLRC report ready by Nov 10, Chaminda Perera, 10th November 2011

LLRC report to the President on Nov 20, Sunday Times, 11th November 2011

LLRC completes work; to handover report to President on 20 Nov., Financial Times, 12th November 2011

LLRC witness rattled by CID summon, BBC, 12th November 2011

Lessons Unlearnt, Lanka Web, 13th November 2011

LLRC report will consolidate national reconciliation, Sunday Observer, 13th November 2011

Kohona briefs UN on LLRC report, Easwaran Rutnam, The Sunday Leader, 13th November 2011

Proposals to benefit nation – LLRC, Viranjan Herath, The Nation, 13th November 2011

The President promises to take action against any person if the LLRC report highlights any incident human rights violation, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, 14th November 2011

Complaints of LLRC witnesses forwarded to AG, Ada Derana, 14th November 2011

LLRC report will be submitted in Parliament,, 14th November 2011

Sri Lanka’s savage smokescreen, Bob Dietz, Committee to Protect Journalists, 15th November 2011

The final Report will be handed over to Sri Lanka President on 20 November – LLRC, Asian Tribune, 15th November 2011

LLRC cases to AG for investigation, The Sunday Leader, 16th November 2011

When we start prosecuting people the reconciliation process will suffer – Mohan Pieris, K. T. Rajasingham, Asian Tribune, 18th November 2011

Sri Lanka Lessons Learnt Commission hands over its report to President,, 20th November 2011

LLRC report has been handed over, Daily Mirror, 20th November 2011

400 page LLRC report to President today, The Sunday Leader, 20th November 2011

Sri Lanka war probe report delivered to President, Ranga Srilal, Khaleej Times, 20th November 2011

Lanka war commission submits much-awaited report on LTTE war, IBN Live, 20th November 2011

Sri Lankan commission submits report on LTTE war, Outlook India, 20th November 2011

MR gets the LLRC report, The Sunday Leader, 20th November 2011

LLRC report to President today, Arthur Wamanan, The Nation, 20th November 2011

Sri Lankan President receives report on war abuses, NPR, 20th November 2011

LLRC probe possible war-related incidents, The Sunday Times, 20th November 2011

Sri Lanka war probe calls for new inquiry, Al Jazeera, 20th November 2011

Reports, retorts and rhetoric, The Sunday Leader, 20th November 2011

Women left behind: Truth Commissioning in Sri Lanka, Jo Baker, Groundviews, 20th November 2011

Double-edged peace process contributed to ending the war, Jehan Perera, The Island, 21st November 2011

LLRC report handed to Sri Lanka President, Asian Tribune, 21st November 2011

Sri Lankan war probe calls for new inquiry, Sydney Morning Herald, 21st November 2011

The real lessons of Sri Lanka’s War: A global power shift and the end of human rights, Jyoti Thottam, TIME (Global Spin Blog), 21st November 2011

Release LLRC report – UK, BBC, 21st November 2011

UK urges Govt. to release findings of the LLRC report, Ada Derana, 22nd November 2011

UK calls on Sri Lanka to release war commission report, Colombo Page, 22nd November 2011

UK wants LLRC report public, The Sunday Leader, 22nd November 2011

Make LLRC report public: UK Foreign Office, Daily Mirror, 22nd November 2011

LLRC report to be submitted to Parliament next month, Daily Mirror, 22nd November 2011

Report to Parliament next month, The Sunday Leader, 22nd November 2011

Sri Lankan Government to inform international community of findings of LLRC report, Colombo Page, 23rd November 2011

LLRC report: World awaits Govt. response, Sunday Times, 27th November 2011

LLRC report should be given a fair hearing, Manjula Fernando, Sunday Observer, 27th November 2011

LLRC first to Parliament then to UNSG, S. Selvakumar, The Nation, 27th November 2011

The need for transparency of the forthcoming LLRC report, Lakshman Indranath Keerthisinghe, The Sunday Leader, 27th November 2011

Japan wants Sri Lanka to publicise its war report, Zee News, 30th November 2011

Japan emphasizes need for national reconciliation in Sri Lanka, Colombo Page, 30th November 2011

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